My Glow loves: Making getting ready easy (and FUN)

My Glow hates: Dad jokes (kidding we love them)

My Glow Darwin was founded by local Territorian Jamie Collins. After years of watching people roll into a crippling ball of anxiety when faced with preparing for an event, Jamie decided she needed to do something, fast.

She thought it could all be simpler. Less stressful, maybe even fun? (SAY WHAT?!). If you're going to be getting ready for hours before your event, why not pop the bubbly and have fun whilst doing it? And so, My Glow Darwin was born. 

My Glow brings all of your party ready necessities under one roof.

Want glowing golden skin?

We've got you covered! My Glow specializes in Spray Aus spray tans. Spray Aus is an organic green based tan. Famous for its fast drying, scentless formula, that leaves you with a bronzed tan natural enough to wear on any occasion.  

Nothing to wear?

It's no secret that us women spend so much money on outfits we only wear once or twice (#whatawaste). To combat the dreaded outfit repeat My Glow Darwin hires out high end designer garments for a fraction of their retail price. This means you can finally get your dream dress without the designer price tag. 

Eyeliner troubles... AGAIN?!

Don't worry we have you AND your girlfriends covered! Jamie is a qualified Professional Makeup Artist and completed her qualification through The Institute of Makeup. Renowned for her dewy, fresh skin makeup that has a flawless finish, Jamie is passionate about enhancing her clients features and making skin look like skin (no #cakeface here!). Jamie includes client consultation in each appointment to ensure she understands exactly what her clients want. There is nothing worse than walking out of an appointment with a red lip when you wanted pink (we've all been there before).